2021 Scholarships – Congratulations

Announcing the 2021 Chapter 66 Pioneer Scholarship Winners 

Hannah Lehrfeld

Hannah Lehrfeld has been awarded a $1000 scholarship from Legacy West Arizona Chapter 66. Hannah will be a freshman in the Honors College of the University of Arizona. Hannah has been volunteering since grade school. Many of the organizations she works with are through the Rotary Club and Student Council including, children with disabilities, the aging, homeless, refugees, animals, families in grief and the underprivileged. She has volunteered with the Tucson Festival of Books and volunteers at her school to welcome and show around new students. She serves as the Hours and Award Officer with the National Charity League. Hannah has also served as Historian and President of the Student Council. Congratulations Hannah!

Carson Di Maria

Carson Di Maria has been awarded a $1000 scholarship from the Legacy West Southern Arizona Combined Club. Carson will be a freshman in the Honors College of the University of Arizona. He has been volunteering for most of his life. Carson was a Cub, Boy and Eagle Scout. He has also done many community service projects including planning and organizing 32 volunteers to protect the watershed that provides water for over 250 residents and thousands of volunteers to Mt. Lemmon. Carson is a member of the National Honor Society and this year serves as their President. He works as a tutor for elementary school children and volunteers with the Southern Arizona Food Bank. Congratulations Carson!

Legacy West Pioneers Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2020 winners of $1000 scholarships provided by the Madlyn Rollins bequest, through Legacy West Pioneers. These students are graduating seniors from Apache Junction High School. Madlyn Rollins was a Pioneer in Arizona, and at her passing her husband set up the bequest as an ongoing fund for students from the Apache Junction High School, Apache Junction, Arizona. Each year ten students are selected by staff at the high school. Congratulations to these winners! Arizona Chapter 66, part of Legacy West Pioneers, wishes them success in their future endeavors.

  • Savana Orrantia
  • Seanna Brennan
  • Katelyn Beazley
  • Hannah Molino
  • Brianna Bogart
  • Ainsley Pape
  • Chloe Krueger
  • Chloe Collins
  • Mackenzie Vandekrol
  • Jorja Schuster


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