Pioneer – Oral History Post Cards

Pioneers Oral history project Michael – YouTube

Pioneers is working on an oral history project, and you may have recently gotten a post card about it. At the same time, the company who is preparing it will be verifying contact information for our Pioneer database. This is a legitimate project which benefits our Pioneer organization, and is a wonderful way to record our history in the voices of real Pioneers talking about Pioneer projects they have been involved in over the years. As a tribute to our 110-year history, please respond with a phone call to them. You will have the opportunity to preorder if you are interested, but there is no obligation to buy.

We are hoping this oral history will be a way to keep track of our stories, and if you have a story to tell, please consider relaying it.
Below is an example of the postcard that was mailed out, and here is a link to a you tube recording so you can hear what the oral history project is all about.


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