SACC Fundraising Events

Support Southern Arizona Combined Club projects!


Thank you to LegacyWest Chapter 66 for providing these Cookbooks to our club for a fundraiser. These are available for a donation that goes direct to our club for fundraising. The suggested donation is $10 each. To purchase or for more information, please contact Priscilla Lujan (520) 298-5400.

This year, 2020, our club will again be participating in the Jim Click Millions for Tucson Raffle. Mr. Click has told us that this year will feature a Ford Truck as the grand prize. We are going to encourage all our members to support this fund raiser for our club instead of holding an annual cash extravaganza raffle. Postage and printing is just too high, and ALL of the money (100%) collected for these Click raffle tickets stays in our local club to support our local community projects.

The Jim Click raffle is our biggest and most successful fundraiser. Please buy your tickets, support your Pioneer community, and feel good knowing your chances to win a truck may be small, but the chances for helping those in need are greater than ever. See Priscilla Lujan at a luncheon, or contact her at (520) 298-5400, or are available now for purchase!