New Mexico Combined Club


New Mexico Pioneers – WELCOME BACK to AZ Chapter 66 Telecom Pioneers!  At one time, Arizona and New Mexico were both under Chapter 66 (Coronado Chapter), then the states were separated, and now we are all back together again as one Pioneer team. The great folks in Portales/Clovis areas have kept the Pioneer spirit burning and we look forward to learning more about projects and activities in which all New Mexico Pioneers are involved.

There’s some work cut out for us to regain contact with New Mexico Pioneers – active employees and retirees. There are so many ways Pioneers participate in and serve the needs of our communities – we want to hear all about it! Are you having meetings?  Are you helping at a Senior Center? At a food bank? Animal shelters?   We have Arizona Pioneers involved in everything from Hug-A-Bears to Golf Tournaments, Veteran projects to collecting school supplies for local elementary school students – and everything in between! Let us know how you are helping or how we can help you become more active in Pioneers in your community, town, city.

Chapter Board members are President, Barbara Palmer in Tucson; Senior Vice President, Ellen E. Miller in Phoenix; Secretary, Louise Rebholz and Treasurer, Nancy Byers, both of Tucson. Anyone is welcome to bring their ideas and talents to the board! New Mexico Club President is Gary Blair. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this welcome letter.

Almost all Chapter 66 communication is done via email through an online service “Constant Contact®”. From time to time, you’ll receive emails regarding fund-raising projects and Pioneer news in general. Emails can be sent to everyone in the Chapter or a specific club. Most Arizona club newsletters are sent through “Constant Contact®” email.   Hopefully, a newsletter highlighting New Mexico news will be coming in the future. Please let Gary know you are interested in helping get that off the ground! If you know of any Pioneers who do not have access to email, please let Barbara know so we can figure out an alternate way to be in touch with those Pioneers and be sure to contact Barbara to update your information.  Add to your address book to continue to directly receive Pioneer emails.

We have a website! Click on this link to check it out!!   A page for New Mexico has been set up, along with pages for Southern Arizona Club and Phoenix Thunderbird Club. Please contact Gary Blair to request posting any information of projects, ill or deceased Pioneers, Scholarship Winners, etc.  Click on the various tabs to learn what’s going on with other Chapter 66 Pioneers!

As you are probably aware, Telecom Pioneers is a “stand alone” 501(c)3 which means we are no longer supported by our telephone companies. That means FUND RAISING! It is imperative that we get funding however possible. We have some great ways to support our Chapter:

DONATE BUTTON:   On the Chapter 66 website, click on Donate to donate to your Chapter. Donate monthly, quarterly, yearly! It all helps! Money goes directly to our Chapter 66

FUNDRAISING BUTTON:    A variety of fund raisers will be listed here. Currently, we are using TerryLynn Cares nuts and candies. An amount from every sale is sent to Chapter 66. A variety of fund raisers will be posted here so check it often.

Fry’s Rewards Card (i.e. Smith’s Food and Drug) An easy way to donate! Link your Rewards Card to Telecom Pioneers (ours is SH877) and each time you shop, a percentage of your bill is donated to Pioneers by Kroger. Follow the instructions on our web site to connect your shopper card. Community rewards. Also, ask about how to remember Chapter 66 in your will and bequests.

A variety of discounts from several different vendors (i. e. Eyeglasses, Dental plans, Insurance – Health, Auto, even Pet, Travel, etc.) are offered through Affinity Business Partners.  Go to to get complete lists and marketing information. When you use these services, money goes to Pioneers headquarters which then shares it with groups, chapters, and clubs.

Under Membership, a new national category has been created – Family and Friends. Through Family and Friends, you can sign up anyone that volunteers as a Pioneer. We have people – children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors – that are at a lot of our functions and involved in Pioneer projects but did not have the opportunity to become a Pioneer. Some high school kids need to have volunteering on scholarship applications to show community involvement and volunteering is required of some Honor Roll Students.  There is NO FEE to join, and $22 is required yearly only if the Family and Friends member wants serve on a board. Click on this link,  and choose the Join Pioneers button. Fill out the membership form and select submit. You can also print the form and mail it to Barbara Palmer, at 241 E Belcourte Place, Oro Valley, AZ, 85737 or fax a copy to her at (520) 531-0349.  Reporting volunteer hours is important! The numbers help show the world how much time, effort, and money Pioneers donate and what a savings that is to communities. Again, welcome back to Chapter 66!  Pioneers are such a wonderful community resource and we are anxious to hear from you and get acquainted!

Barbara Palmer, Chapter 66 President
(520) 575-8177

Ellen E Miller, Chapter 66 Senior VP
(623) 546-9223

Gary Blair, President New Mexico Club
(575) 760-5182

PIONEER WEBSITES – easy access to all Pioneer information
Chapter 66 website – access Board Member information, news about Phoenix Thunderbird Club and Southern Arizona Club, and New Mexico Club as well as general Chapter information.
Informational website about Pioneering in the 14 state LegacyWest Unit (Arizona/New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado/Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Washington/Oregon, Utah/Wyoming, Minnesota/Iowa/South Dakota)
The “big picture” of Pioneering. Access information about worldwide projects. Some membership benefits (look at “Affinity Partners” which includes discounts at Office Max/Office Depot, Nationwide Insurance, ScriptRelief, to name just a few) are listed.