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Letter from our President

Hello Fellow Pioneers!

Good Day! And yes, it is a good day! I am hoping most of you have gotten your shot, your shot at returning to normalcy, and we can look forward to getting together in person again!

This is your update on what has been going on in our club, in our chapter and in Pioneers internationally.  You may have noticed that Pioneer projects are divided into categories, depending on what service they provide and what aspect of the community we are serving.  So, I am going to hit on highlights under those categories.

Education: Our SACC scholarship was awarded to Carson Di Maria, You can view the student’s pics and a brief bio on the website here along with the Chapter 66, Madalyn Rollins bequest, and the 2 New Mexico Club scholarships once they are awarded.  We have started purchasing and collecting school supplies for this year’s school supply drive.  If you are interested in participating in that, helping shop or deliver, contact Adella Mason, and click on the link here.

 Life Enrichment: This covers so many good projects. Lap Robes, Christmas Stockings, and talking books, just to mention a few. These are projects that make life better for seniors and people with disabilities. Our Lap Robe project goes on all year and we hold them until the end of the year for holiday presentations. The Easter Egg hunt falls in this category, too.  This year, the Easter baskets were created by volunteers outdoors in a park, delivered to the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind and given out to the children right at Easter. We are so hopeful that next year we can return to a hunt on the school grounds in person.

Health and Human Services: This category covers projects which provide necessary goods or services to maintain life. An example is Food bank support and reusable shopping bags and good used luggage is collected to help the local domestic violence center, EMERGE! Did you know you can volunteer to help in the vaccination effort? There are plenty of easy but necessary ways to help the clinics set up to serve our local populations. Click here for a contact on ways to help.

Environment: Bee on the lookout for the packages of seeds to encourage wildflowers and bee populations. We will bee distributing them later this year at the picnic and through our partnership with Treasures 4 Teachers.

Military: Our chair, Tom Bivins, has been collecting empty medicine bottles, with the labels removed and recycling them through his American Legion affiliation. He recently let us know he would start collecting empty used clean folded grocery bags, as there are a group of volunteers who will knit/crochet them into sleeping mats for homeless vets. Contact Tom to deliver any of these items to him.

This is the 110th year of Pioneering, lets celebrate by looking for ways to volunteer together. Reach out to your fellow Pioneers and lets recommit ourselves to the volunteer spirit. 

Have a GREAT summer, see you this fall, a notice will come out in September for the October picnic.

Stay Safe, I so look forward to seeing many of you in person in October!

Thanks for supporting your local Pioneer projects.
Patti Pace, President, So AZ Combined Club

CAN YOU HELP? Any Pioneer out there who might remember building a trail in the Saguaro National Monument- West? We think this happened sometime in the 1980’s or 1990’s. The Park service would like to know who built, funded, or worked on it. Click CONTACT US to tell any part of the story.


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