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NEW: SACC Newsletter WINTER – 2021

Letter from our President

Hello Fellow Pioneers!

It is 2021 and I want to bring you up to date on how our past year concluded, and what we have planned for this year.

We were able to complete all of our grants and keep up with our regular club ongoing projects. Even with Covid, our volunteers made the adjustments necessary to still carry on the work and do it safely. Our Easter egg hunt for the Deaf and Blind School delivered 125 filled baskets to be given out to the elementary age kids at the school. Our Readers for Life events purchased books, sacked them up individually with a book mark and a personal note from Rocky the Reader for Life Raccoon, and the schools gave them out to 2nd and 3rd graders in their drive by student/teacher meet up events. The Hope Women’s Center received a box of women’s underwear, their most needed item, along with some additional women’s feminine products. We had a wildly successful Stocking Event this year, over 86 delivered to Mobile Meals had a hand made lap robe with each filled stocking. Over 250 lap robes were given out this year. School supplies were purchased and collected and given to 3 elementary schools. Our two soft goods drives raised money for the club as well as a fantastic showing of support selling Jim Click tickets! The For the Bees project got 1000 seed packets out into the community to be planted to encourage wildflowers for our local bees. Items were collected and given to homeless Vets.

Our volunteers are still creating and distributing Hug a Bears; we are not working in person but doing all the work at home and meeting in parking lots when needed to exchange supplies. Our Drive by Drop off events went so well this year, we will be doing more of them in 2021. This is an opportunity to bring your soft goods, things for Treasures 4 Teachers, school supplies, and donations to our partner projects like Emerge, Gospel Rescue Mission, and others. Also, there is a desperate need for luggage for clients of the Emerge Domestic Violence center at this time. Do you have any pieces in good shape that you could donate? Many times, these people leave with few belongings and have them in a trash bag. Decent luggage allows them dignity during relocation.
So, watch your email or our web site for upcoming events and ways you can help. No luncheons are scheduled yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they are resumed.
Stay safe, stay healthy, I so look forward to meeting up with you again soon!

Thanks for supporting your local Pioneer projects.
Patti Pace, President, So AZ Combined Club

CAN YOU HELP? Any Pioneer out there who might remember building a trail in the Saguaro National Monument- West? We think this happened sometime in the 1980’s or 1990’s. The Park service would like to know who built, funded, or worked on it. Click CONTACT US to tell any part of the story.

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