Southern AZ Combined Club

NOTICE:  If you have any address, email or phone number updates, please contact Jan Pitts at or (520) 741-8034

Letter from our Incoming President

Welcome Back Pioneers to Winter 2023!

Here I am starting out the New Year with a new position too.   I’m Mo Ryan and I just wanted to introduce myself.  A little background; I’m married to Ed and both of us are retired from Century Link. I love to travel and go on road trips.

Thank you, Jan Pitts, for a job well done. You’re a tough act to follow. I’m fortunate to have almost all my project leaders still continuing in their leadership roles. I hope we can continue to support our community with our many projects. Just think what the shut-ins would look forward to, if we didn’t fill stockings and deliver them each Christmas.

I plan to encourage our members to attend more luncheons and get involved. We’ve sat at home too long. We all feel better when we’re able to visit with our old friends and have much needed fellowship. A good laugh is as good as an apple a day any day :). I look forward to seeing you at the next luncheon or project.

Mo Ryan
President, So AZ Combined Club

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Letter from our Outgoing President

Hello all:

Well 2022 has come to an end and so is the end of my presidency .  I will continue on as Senior VP but your new President will be Mo Ryan.  I want to express my appreciation for all the support the board and fellow Pioneers have shown me and hope you will show Mo the same.

We have done many worthwhile projects this year and will continue on in 2023.  We will continue to do Hug-A-Bears, Readers for Life, Beeping Easter Egg Hunt, our Christmas Stocking projects, Soft Goods Drive and many more.  If anyone has any ideas for new projects you can contact any of our board members. We are also going to start having more luncheons at various restaurants and also at the park.  This info will be posted in our newsletters and Constant Contacts, so keep an eye out for dates and times.

I also will continue keeping track of volunteer hours and any updates to email or address changes.  You can email me at with any updates.

I want to thank our members for their continued hard work to keep our club going. Please visit our web site at for any upcoming events we may have.

Thanks for your continued support!

Jan Pitts
Past President & Senior VP, So AZ Combined Club

Please welcome our:
S.A.C.C. 2022 Board

Pioneers Oral history project Michael – YouTube

Pioneers is working on an oral history project, and you may have recently gotten a post card about it. At the same time, the company who is preparing it will be verifying contact information for our Pioneer database. This is a legitimate project which benefits our Pioneer organization, and is a wonderful way to record our history in the voices of real Pioneers talking about Pioneer projects they have been involved in over the years. As a tribute to our 110-year history, please respond with a phone call to them. You will have the opportunity to preorder if you are interested, but there is no obligation to buy.

We are hoping this oral history will be a way to keep track of our stories, and if you have a story to tell, please consider relaying it.
Below is an example of the postcard that was mailed out, and here is a link to a you tube recording so you can hear what the oral history project is all about.

CAN YOU HELP? Any Pioneer out there who might remember building a trail in the Saguaro National Monument- West? We think this happened sometime in the 1980’s or 1990’s. The Park service would like to know who built, funded, or worked on it. Click CONTACT US to tell any part of the story.

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