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More changes have come about for Pioneers, pursuant to decisions by National Headquarters. The original name of Telephone Pioneers of America was changed to Telecom Pioneers and we included any and all members of the telecommunications industry. Now we are open to anyone (family and friends and neighbors and acquaintances) joining, and we are now known as “Pioneers a volunteer network”. Also, if taking a position on the Club Board spooks you, it is no longer called a Board! The new name is “Executive Committee of Phoenix Thunderbird Club”. So please help out by becoming a member of the Executive Committee of Phoenix Thunderbird Club, of Pioneers a volunteer network!
Ellen E. Miller and Caron Personke

Make a direct donation! Monetary donations may be made directly to Phoenix Thunderbird Club by making out a check to Phoenix Thunderbird Club, and, while Edna Keller is unavailable, mailing it Attn: Caron Personke, Interim Secretary/Treasurer, P. O. Box 8078, Surprise, AZ 85374. Be sure to note your donation is specifically for Phoenix Thunderbird Club coffers. Keep in mind, your donations are tax-deductible within the legal parameters and a tax-deduction form will be provided to you if requested.

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