SACC Project/Event Photos

Readers 4 Life – Walter Douglas Elementary

Mike and Mary Rhodes delivered 200 individually bagged books to Walter Douglas Elementary March 31, 2021. Principal McAllister was happy to accept them and get them distributed to their 2nd and 3rd grade students. This project was dedicated to the memory of Marilyn Reno, long time Pioneer and supporter of readers for life and education in Southern Arizona.

For The Bees

The first flowers from our For The Bees project have bloomed. This project, in tandem with students and teachers curtsey of our community partner Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson, is to help promote the education and population of one of nature’s most valuable resource, the bee 🐝
We will be doing this project again for 2021 and look forward to more pictures of these pretty additions to yards and landscapes all over Southern Arizona.

Readers 4 Life – Quail Run Elementary

Readers for Life, in memory of Marilyn Reno, books for 2nd and 3rd graders at Quail Run Elementary. 200 books were given to the students. Books were separately bagged with a bookmark and a personal note from Rocky, the reader for life raccoon. Mr Forrester and Ms Patton received the books and distributed them to all the 2nd and 3rd grade classes. The kids were so excited to get them. March 22, 2021.

Thank you to our volunteer team, Patti & Larry Pace. They bagged all the items at home and held them for a week in quarantine before delivery to make sure the kids and staff were kept safe!

2021 Easter Buckets for the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind

We are again this year doing things a little “differently” when it comes to our annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt for ASDB. Thanks to our team of volunteers, we assembled 125 buckets! Each bucket was overflowing this year with candy, small toys, peeps, bouncy ball and a plush animal. At ASDB, they will distribute them for us since we can’t have a live beeping egg hunt this year. Our hopes are high for 2022! The children will be going home for spring break, and when they return their Easter baskets will be waiting for them. One of the Deans, Sarah Allen, said the kids really look forward to the Pioneers visiting them. This will let them know we care and are still thinking of them all.

Volunteers: Sherry Daughtry, Mo Ryan, Jan Pitts, Ann Ray, Larry Mingo, Kathy Kisro, Priscilla Lujan and Patti Pace

1st of the year Totes for Good Donation to Emerge!

This months donation to the Emerge! Domestic Violence Shelter – 51 tote bags, 30 pieces of new clothes, 4 purses, 2 large packages of feminine products. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Emerge is in dire need right now. If anyone would like to donate any luggage or new with tags clothing in addition to totes, please contact Anna Patton at (520) 444-1874 or Patti Pace at (520) 241-6849. Thank you to everyone who donated to our soft goods drive. It really helps so many of our partner projects. Keep an eye out for the next one coming soon!

End Of the Year Lap Robe Delivery

This year, we gave out 250 lap robes with with 5 left towards our 2021. We donated to 7 facilities, including:

Sabino Rehab – 70
Mobile Meals – 86
Groves Assisted Living – 23
Woodlands Palm Memory Care – 37
Frances Adult Care – 20
Ohana Senior Care – 4
All Comforts of Home – 10

A special thank you to John & Mary Seagle for heading up this special project. Touching the lives of so many in our community is both the goal and drive of the Pioneer spirit.

Holiday FUNDrive

A big thank you to everyone who donated items for our Holiday FUNDrive. We were able to successfully collect enough items to sell to SAVERS and earn $197 for our club. Before turning over the items, we do take the time to try and find anything that can be used in other projects. We were able to find several new with tags clothing items to donate to Emerge! Domestic Violence shelter, lap robes for our seniors project and some new long johns that will be donated to a local men’s homeless shelter. A special thank you to our young volunteers (Amber Patton, Doug Currier, Melissa Reich, Julian Maldonado and Ayla Patton) as well as our tried and true veterans (Patti Pace, Priscilla Lujan, David Spear and Anna Patton). Their help (and more importantly their muscles, were a huge plus with this project). We already have plans for our spring FUNDrive. The SACC really enjoys this and we encourage you to start your spring cleaning after the holidays so we can meet our new goal of $300.

Stockings for Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona

We had another successful Christmas Stocking delivery, we delivered 86 stockings to Mobile Meals this morning, they were so excited to get them for their clients. We want to thank everyone who donated all goodies for our stockings. We’re glad they will have a Christmas surprise. Thank you to Patti Pace, Kathy Kisro, Larry Mingo, & Ed Ryan for getting all stockings delivered and a special thank you to Mo Ryan for being the lead on this project. Your dedication is inspiring. We hope you all have Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Lap Robes

Mary See with a few of the 11 lap robes crocheted by her Michigan friend Shirley King. Thank you ladies for your dedication to our community!

Helping our Community

Helping our Community: A BIG thank you to our members Sherry Daughtry and Mo Ryan for their continued work in our local community. They have been working on a project in partnership with their local church to deliver lap robes, food, masks, etc to students and families in need to John B. Wright Elementary:


Readers 4 Life

Mike and Mary Rhodes delivered 180 books to Manzo Elementary School on Thursday. The principal, Steven La Turco came out to their car to pick them up and to thank them. The books will be given to kids before Christmas break. 


Even through tough times, we still deliver Hug-A-Bears to Rural Metro Fire – Pima County . This is Paul Chau receiving the bears each month. Thank you to everyone who keeps the HAB train moving along!

Readers For Life

Patti Pace delivered 180 books today to from SACC to Drachman Montessori Magnet school. Their librarian, Josie, will get them out to all the 2nd and 3rd graders!

November Drive-By Drop-Off

We had a successful drive by drop off last week for the SACC Pioneers. Working on military support, hug-a-bears, Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson, school supplies, Jim Click raffle tickets, pop tops for Ronald McDonald house, Christmas stockings, and of course our soft goods drive fundraising for the club!


Ivey Stamper, who has been sewing hug a bears for us. Dropping off sewn bears, picking up 100 more to sew. Ivey retired in 1980, and is still volunteering! Thank you, Ivey!

September Collection Drive-thru

We had a tremendously successful event today. Many members came by to drop off donations and some even stayed awhile (masked up of coarse) and caught up. We collected items for our many different projects and even sold some Jim Click Raffle tickets! We are planning on doing this again next month, stay tuned for details!

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Lap Robes
A huge thank you to a trio of sisters who have really been using their time in productive and inventive ways. Nancy, Barbara & Cate! Nancy Kennon in California has been working overtime to crochet lap robes for SACC. She has been a mainstay creator for us for many years; however, during this turbulent time, Nancy has cranked out 100+ beautiful blankets like these you see modeled by her sister Cate. Cate Simpson & Barbara Palmer have also reached out to their neighbors on the NextDoor app and have collected items for many of our projects including Hug-a-Bears, Treasures 4 Teacher of Tucson, pill bottles for the American Legion and their most impressive sourcing has been collecting over 22lbs of yarn to help keep their sister Nancy in full supply. Thank you ladies for all your hard work!

From our board member Jan Pitts:
“You can tell what I have been doing the last couple months. Some going to Rural Metro Ambulance. Each bag has 25 hug a bears.”

School Supply Delivery

Jan Pitts and Patti Pace: Safely packing supplies safely into ziplock bags, headed to Drachman, Nash and Pueblo Gardens elementary schools for students.

On July 28th, 2020 we delivered 90 kits to 3 schools,  supplies hygienically bagged so they can be handed out to students in need. The plan is to check back after schools have been open for a bit, in case they have additional urgent needs.

A special thank you to Joella Smith. She took on the solo job of purchasing and delivering school supplies to C.E. Rose Elementary School, August 2020!


SACC Pioneers Sherry Daughtry and Mo Ryan have been busy sewing masks. Look at the good looking models they had for their work. Here are a few links if you’d like to try sewing some and a link on how to donate them. Thank you Tucson Police Department​!

Simple Patterns ranging from easy to really easy 🙂
How to make a face mask – NYTimes article

Visit make and give masks

Banner is asking for homemade masks made to be donated.

Can’t Sew? Here is one if you are in a pinch and need something quick for yourself:

No sew face mask

Easter Basket Assembly

Tuesday the 17th, 10 volunteers gathered at Reid Park to assemble 125 Easter baskets for the children at ASDB – Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. We practiced social distancing by assembling them outside, and limiting our volunteers to ten people. We were very careful to wash, sanitize and glove up to keep the kiddos safe from us. We bagged the baskets, and the school is storing them until Easter week. Thank you to Mo Ryan, Sherry Daughtry, Ann Ray, Bobbi Taylor, Karen Schumacher, Larry Mingo, Kathy Kisro, Cathey Sibley, Lynette Clewley, and Patti Pace for meeting up at the park to get this project under way.

Readers 4 Life
Today at Keeling Elementary we impacted 110 kids. Thanks to Mike and Mary Rhodes, Tina Hermann, Ayla Patton, Lauryn Lyons, Kat Horing and Patti Pace as Rocky!

SACC 2020 Spring FUNDrive

We tried a new fundraising project this year that was lots of work but very successful. We spent the first 2 months gathering soft-goods like clothing and linens in an effort to raise $200. SACC is proud to announce that with your help, we reached this goal! Thank you to all our volunteers and a special thank you to our truckload team: Tom Bivens, Larry & Kathy Bauer, Patti Pace, Anna Patton and David Spear.

Hug-A-Bears 2019 Wrap Up

Lap Robes Holiday Delivery

WOW look at all the bags of lap robes So AZ Combined Club delivered to Sapphire of Tucson Nursing and Rehab.

Mobile Meals Christmas Stockings

This morning, the Southern AZ Combined Club delivered 84 filled Christmas stockings to Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona. They will send them out with prepared meals for their clients this week, spreading cheer and caring to home bound individuals. Our Pioneers, retired and still working, love this project. Each stocking is filled with love as well as goodies. Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona serves Tucson, Sahuarita and Green Valley.

Holiday Extravaganza Raffle – 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Holiday Extravaganza Raffle! We had so many wonderful donations and were able to raise a large sum for our club. Click on the first photo and you can scroll thru our gallery of images and see all the smiling faces of our winners! Happy Holidays!

School Supply Delivery – San Xavier Mission School

Mary & Mike Rhodes, Mary See & Adella Mason made a school supplies delivery in October to the San Xavier Mission school. Supplies included 2 cases of copy paper, 3 ring notebooks, hi- liters, sharpies, folders, calculators, calendar notepads, etc.

School Supplied – Pueblo Gardens & Nash Elementary

The last of our school supplies were donated to Pueblo Gardens & Nash Elementary schools. Thank you to Jan Pitts, Patti Pace and Mo Ryan for helping with the delivery.

Day Of Caring – Oct 2019

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Friday for Day of Caring, our Southern AZ Combined Club decorated two meeting rooms for DCS (Department of Child Safety). These are rooms for family to meet for supervised visits, and they needed some cheer. We put up lots of pictures, added throws, books and games, and stuffed animals. One Pioneer went out and bought new stuffed toys to provide in the room. These two rooms took on a new look, and we are hoping they provide a warm and reassuring ambiance for the clients who use them. The volunteers were happy with the results, and hope to do more rooms in the future. Thanks to all who donated, worked on the project, and gathered for a cooperative and fun time. Thank you to our volunteers: Adella Mason, Cathy Greer, Sherry Daughtry, Mo Ryan, Priscilla Lujan, Jan Pitts, and Patti Pace.

Holiday Raffle Wrapping Event

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Every year, volunteers gather to organize and wrap all the donations for our holiday extravaganza. This year our hostess Priscilla Lujan did an amazing job by opening her home and providing the supplies we needed to get the job done in one day. Thank you to Bonnie Stahl Bush, Anna Patton, Kathy Kisro and Patti Pace for helping. This years donations and prizes are the best ever! Please check out our upcoming events page or our Facebook page for all the details!

Totes for Good

Anna Patton, Patti Pace, Bobbi Taylor, Kathy Kisro

Today was the first of our Totes for Good Project. We delivered over 100 new totes to the Emerge! Center for Domestic Abuse in Tucson, AZ. This new project by SACC collects both new and gently used totes and donates them to different local organizations who will put them to good use based on their needs. If you would like to help, please contact Anna Patton (520) 444-1874 or email her at

Ronald McDonald House – Chef for a Day

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Thank you to all our So AZ Combined Club members for helping with this event.

Phoenix Thunderbirds Luncheon

Four of us from So. AZ Combined Club went to Phoenix to the Thunderbirds’ luncheon.  They made us feel very welcome and we were able to see some friends that we had not seen in a while.  They had a cookie jar auction where you bid on them and they are full of cookies and have the recipe attached to the cookie jar.  Of the seven items, the Tucson group brought home four.  We all had a very nice time.

School Supply Delivery

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On May 13th the SACC delivered school supplies to Nash Elementary School and Drachman Montessori School.  Each school got approximately 1700 items.  We will be collecting school supplies during the summer to hand out before school starts to other schools in need.

Power Pack Program – Marana Unified School District

MUSD rep Cindy and Anna Patton at check presentation

On Monday May 13th, 2019 SACC presented a check to the Marana Unified School District to sponsor one Power Pack. A Power Pack offers ready-to-eat, nutritious snacks to students who are identified as chronically hungry within Marana district schools. Power Packs ensure children have access to food during weekends and school breaks; resulting in fewer stomach aches and greater ability to learn. Our donation provides a weekly Power Pack for an ENTIRE school year! For more information or to participate in this program, please visit for all the details.

Marshall Home for Men

Learn to Crochet Class – April 2019

Our 1st LEARN TO CROCHET CLASS sponsored by the So AZ Combined Club members, Melani Chavez, Sherry Daughtry & Adella Dzik.. Here comes more lap robes..

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Beeping Egg Hunt – 2019
On April 18th, we volunteers met at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind (ASDB) campus for the Beeping Egg Hunt. Pre-school and elementary school age children came streaming out to gather eggs, beeping or not, and turn them in for a basket.  The Tucson Fire Department came and handed out toys and let the kids experience looking, climbing and sitting in the fire truck.  The Easter Bunny was on hand to give bendy toys to all the kids.  This is such a fun event, and the kids at ASDB feel very special and valued by this attention.  Our volunteers all go home with a sense of a job well done!  Thanks to all!

Basket Making 2019

On April 17, 20 plus volunteers showed up to help create and fill Easter bucket baskets for the 120 children at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind. We set up assembly line style, and had them filled, sacked and ready very quickly!  Because we had so many children to serve this year, a lot of volunteers were recruited, and all were asked to bring some food to share for a pot luck.  We met at the Northminster Presbyterian Church where we normally do Hug a Bears, and after stopping for a food break, we finished up the baskets with gaily decorated ribbons.  John Seagle offered to take all 120 baskets in his covered pick up truck to the school for the hunt. Thanks John!!

Beads of Courage – Day of Service 2019
SATPC has again chosen Beads of Courage for their Day of Service for 2019. Beads of Courage was founded here in Arizona in 2003 by Jean Baruch. Beads of Courage, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization dedicated to helping children with serious illness record, tell and own their stories of survival. They work diligently to transform the treatment experience for children coping with chronic, life threatening illness through their arts-in-medicine programs. In the 12 years since their inception, the organization has established the programs in over 240 children’s hospitals in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan. Their growth is evidence of the need for the type of support Beads of Courage provides for children coping with serious illness.

SATPC April Luncheon/Picnic
Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for this years indoor “picnic”. A special thank you to Cathy Greer for her hard work and dedication.

Sister Jose Women’s Shelter

Adella Mason (not pictured) and Jan Pitts delivered  hygiene and clothing items to Sister Jose.

AND THE WINNER OF THE SAFE IS………….Tom Ketchum! Thank you and congratulations! 

Meanwhile, in Arizona, teamwork is rewarded with smiles

Teamwork pays dividends when it comes to helping others. The Southern Arizona Telecom Pioneers Chapter (SATPC) recently partnered with the South Tucson Cyber Lions Club to host a shoe shopping party for some local students in need. The chapter was able to donate $600, and the services of 23 volunteers, to provide these children with new shoes.

In November 2018, Pioneers showed up in force at a local Payless Shoe Store to play personal shopper to 24 children from a local elementary school. The store even opened early to accommodate all the volunteers, teachers and students who attended.

“Everyone involved had so much fun shopping and, at the end of the day, each child went home with two pairs of shoes and a bag of socks!” noted Cathy Greer, a Pioneer at the event. “Working together with the Lions Club, we accomplished so much more than we could on our own.”

In addition to hosting the shoe party, the chapter also works with the Lions to help provide vision screening to children across Tucson. Just last year, over 22,000 students in 65 schools were the beneficiaries of the strong partnership between the two organizations.

Across the country, these Pioneers (and many other volunteers) were thrilled to be paid only in grateful smiles for making sure all these children found shoes that fit them just right. And, of course, who doesn’t like to shop for shoes?

Readers for Life  – Drachman Montessori

We were at Drachman Montessori yesterday giving books to over 200 children, 2nd and 3rd graders.  Rocky had a ball!

Pictured Left to Right:
Back row Linda Acosta, Larry Mingo, Jan Pitts, Bonnie Petee, Mike Rhodes
Front row Mary Rhodes, Mo Ryan, Rocky, Tina Herrmann

Readers for Life  – Keeling Elementary School

Thank you  messages from Rivera school students for Readers for Life.

Southern Arizona Telecom Pioneers, Legacy West Hug-a-Bears donated to St. Mary’s Hospital ER then to Pima County Victim Services.. Sherry Daughtry is our head lady of the HUG-A-BEARS..

Wreaths Across America – December 2018

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Saturday December 15th, Southern Arizona Pioneer volunteers headed out to East Lawn, Evergreen, and Holy Hope Cemeteries, to take part in the of the honor of laying Christmas wreaths on fallen Veterans graves. With a grant from Pioneers, 25 wreaths were sponsored at each of the 3 cemeteries. Holy Hope ceremonies included Honor Guard ROTC from Cholla High School, Honor Choir from Tucson High School, and taps played before the speakers from Tucson Gold Star mothers.

It was truly a wonderful experience for us to be able to take a small part to “Honor the Fallen”.


Delivering Holiday Stockings along with active CenturyLink employees to Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona. Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona is committed to helping housebound seniors and adults with disabilities thrive physically and emotionally in their own homes. With each medically-tailored meal delivery, our volunteers also bring essential human compassion and connection.
We are hoping these stockings bring a smile to everyone’s face this holiday season. Please contact Mo Ryan for more information about this holiday project. Can’t wait for next year.

Thank you to all our volunteers! Jan Pitts, Mo Ryan, Sherry Daughtry, Patti Pace & Janine Quinn, David McCarty, Patrick McCarthy, Rene Cruz, Frank Pierson, and Donnie Archuleta

Wreaths for Mobile Meals – December 2018

Delivering Christmas wreaths to Mobile Meals of Southern AZ

Rivera Shoe Party – December 2018

SATPC partnering with South Tucson & Cyber Lions Clubs

Today the So AZ Telecom Pioneers Club partnered with South Tucson & Cyber Lions Clubs to provide new school shoes and socks to 20+ children from Rivera Elementary. Payless shoes opened early to accommodate volunteers and teachers who assisted children in selecting shoes and socks in the correct sizes. As you can see from the video, we all had fun!

Diaper Bank – Oct 2018

SATPC Donation to the Diaper Bank. Ian Arthur presented with $500.00. — with Cathy Greer.

Beads of Courage – Day of Service 2018

SATPC has chosen Beads of Courage for their Day of Service for 2018. Beads of Courage was founded here in Arizona in 2003 by Jean Baruch. Beads of Courage, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization dedicated to helping children with serious illness record, tell and own their stories of survival. They work diligently to transform the treatment experience for children coping with chronic, life threatening illness through their arts-in-medicine programs. In the 11 years since their inception, the organization has established the programs in over 240 children’s hospitals in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan. Their growth is evidence of the need for the type of support Beads of Courage provides for children coping with serious illness.

Note from Beads of Courage:
Hi Cathy,
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much I enjoyed teaching your group.  You all were so much fun to have around and, of course, all the beads we got from you guys went out almost immediately.

Please say hello to everyone for me and on behalf of Beads of Courage, Thank you.

 Best Regards,
Lillian George”

South Tucson Lions Club Vision Screening & Shoe Party

Cathy Greer and Richard Stevenson – S Tucson Lions Club – October SATPC Luncheon

Since August of this year, the South Tucson Lions club has vision screened at  50 events and expended more than 500 hours of volunteer service which has produced 11,261 children vision screened and 770 color screened.  Pioneers Cathy Greer, Gogi Gasper and Adella Mason have volunteered at some of the events. Lions club will assist any child not able to obtain glasses with assistance. After hearing about a need at the Ocotillo Early Learning Center Library for 20 earphones, they were purchased and delivered. In November the club will have a “shoe party”, where 20 kids are taken to a shoe store for a gift of a pair of shoes and socks. Your Pioneer club will sponsor 20 more children and volunteer assistance for this party. Come join us if you want to go shopping.

Talking Books

Patti Pace and Mo Ryan at an outreach event

Pioneers have a long history of volunteering with the Talking Books Libraries in the U.S.  There is a library in every state.  For over 50 years Pioneers have worked repairing the machines and still do, but now the machines are digital, there are fewer moving parts and the repair issues are way down.  These Pioneers are at an outreach event, talking to potential clients and explaining how the program works, showing off the player and sharing information so more people can benefit from the free program.

Thank You Letters – 2018


Marana Teachers Appreciation brunch

May 2018, Pioneers funded 20 teachers memberships to Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson

This is a new project starting in January 2018. Take a backpack and a list of needed items, fill it and bring it back to the luncheon in February. We are going to try and get groups of backpacks (about 20 to 25 per school) to donate to public elementary schools located in low-income communities. We have contacted two of those schools in TUSD so far, and they are both excited to have us support their students. Many students who need a back pack, have limited or no supplies from home. The beginning of school is not the only time there is a need. The school counselors will distribute the backpacks on an as needed basis. Pick up your empty backpack at the January luncheon, or contact Jan Pitts 403 1299 or Patti Pace 241 6849 to get one.
2018 Readers 4 Life Event – Summit View Elementary

Feb 26, 2018: 
Today we donated 61 filled backpacks and additional office supplies for the teachers to two elementary schools in our community. We met with the counselor or community liaison at Drachman Montessori Elementary and Pueblo Gardens Elementary.  They were so excited to receive the backpacks, as both schools have many low income students and many students who are children of refugees.  Our goal was to get completely stocked backpacks to the school to give out on an as needed basis. The beginning of the school year is not the only time there is a need.

We worked with the counselor to develop the list of items for the packs.  Many backpacks were taken home by our volunteers in Tucson and filled at the volunteers’ expense. More supplies in bulk were purchased to fill additional packs, and we plan to continue this program throughout the year.  We received a grant from the Telecom Pioneers Charitable Foundation to supplement this project. Today we had 11 volunteers on hand to carry in the packs and present them to the schools.

UPDATE: In June we held a backpack stuffing event and completed 78 backpacks. These will be distributed to 3 elementary schools prior to the start of the school year. Contact Jan Pitts for more information:

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August 1, 2018:  We visited three schools today and handed out 77 backpacks and miscellaneous extra school supplies. We visited Walter Douglas Elementary School, Manzo Elementary and E C Nash School. We also handed our school supplies to Gospel Rescue Mission, Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse and Youth On Their Own.

2018 Readers For Life!

In Tucson, we’re doing the Readers for life projects. Here’s a Reader’s for life event picture of our volunteers when they go to visit the children and give them a book to take home.
Rocky Raccoon is a favorite; however, when Patti is in costume, she can’t see anything so it takes a couple of volunteers to help her to navigate. Rocky also hands out masks so the kids will be like him and bookmark with our information on it.

Larry Mingo, Jan Pitts, Patti Pace as Rocky, Linda Acosta, Mo Ryan

2018 Easter Egg Hunt for the AZ School for the Deaf and Blind
The annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt was held at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind last Wednesday, March 28 in Tucson.  A group of 24 volunteers worked the previous week to make up the baskets for the 91 children who participated. There were baskets of treats with plush animals for the preschool age and with playground balls for the elementary age kids.  The Tucson Fire department was there with a ladder truck, the kids always enjoy visiting with them. We provided bubbles for the firemen to hand out to the kids. The bucket truck from CenturyLink was there with Anthony Gabrielson throwing out packages of gummy candy to the kids below. Anthony is fluent in American sign, and the kids love catching the candy from him and interacting via sign language. The Easter Bunny (Mary Rhodes) was there handing out bendy monster toys. 25 volunteers were on hand to spread out the beeping and large eggs. They were turned on at the same time, and the kids came flooding out to find an egg and line up to exchange an egg for their basket.  The children at this school look forward to the Pioneers coming for Easter every year. This year it was a beautiful day, sunny with light breezes.  From the looks on everyone’s faces you can tell a good time was had by all.

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2018 Sister Jose Women’s Center 

A gift of 13 shopping carts for carrying the personal belongings of homeless women in Tucson.


Time to go shopping!  Drop off donations at 1050 S. Park Ave. Tucson, AZ
Sister Jose’s desperately needs:

  • toothpaste
  • deodorant
  • body wash
  • combs and brushes
  • hair ties and sun hats
The Sister Jose Women’s Center of Tucson, Arizona is dedicated to the care and nurture of homeless women within our community. To our sisters without shelter, we provide beds; to those without food, we give nourishment; and, to those without purpose, we offer encouragement. We are women reaching out to women with dignity, respect and compassion.

2017 Gospel Rescue Mission – Wreath Creations

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