2022 Scholarships

Legacy West Chapter 66
AZ & NM 2022 Scholarships


2022 Legacy West Chapter 66 Pioneer Scholarship and SoAZ Combined Club – CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS

Amber Patton

Amber Patton was awarded a $1000 scholarship from Legacy West Chapter 66. Amber is to begin her senior year at the University of Arizona in the field of Sustainable Built Environments within the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Design. Amber has always been involved in volunteering. She works with Treasurers for Teachers of Tucson, Emerge! domestic violence shelter, and the S.A.C.C. Pioneers Soft Goods Project.

Carson Di Maria

Carson Di Maria was awarded a $1000 scholarship from Legacy West Southern Arizona Combined Club.  Carson is beginning his sophomore year at the University of Arizona majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  Carson has been involved in volunteering through Boy Scouts, National Honor Society, and Honors Student Council, including, hygiene kits, watershed program on Mount Lemmon, AZ Community Food Bank, and Beads of Courage.

2022 Legacy West Pioneers Chapter 66 Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2022 winners of $1000 scholarships provided by the Madlyn Rollins bequest, through Legacy West Pioneers’ Chapter 66. These students are graduating seniors from Apache Junction High School. Madlyn Rollins was a Pioneer in Arizona, and at her passing her husband set up the bequest as an ongoing fund for students from the Apache Junction High School, Apache Junction, Arizona. Each year students are selected by the chapter scholarship committee. Congratulations to these winners! Arizona Chapter 66, part of Legacy West Pioneers, wishes them success in their future endeavors.

– Avery Joeen Fisher
– Dalton Adams
– Olivia McCrary
– Mallory Mellor
– Kaitlyn Sample
– Maggie Allyn
– Kezra Alexis Tuscano
– Judah Nieman
– Tara Klein
– Kashmir Baillie
– Sabrina Castillo
– Paige Labadie
– Jaidyn Sater
– Heather Quirk

To Be Announced: New Mexico 2022 Scholarship